Do you see yourself working with pregnant, laboring, or postpartum clients? Interested in deepening your self-awareness and communication skills? Are you called to be present and nurturing with this special client population? This workshop may be for you!

Coming Spring of 2019

 pregnant woman receiving a "goddess" massage

pregnant woman receiving a "goddess" massage

This 34-hour intensive workshop (over five days) includes:

  • Immersion-style experiential practice with specific helpful feedback

  • Written materials highlighting essential guidelines

  • Learning and growth within the mentoring model of teaching

  • Role plays and storytelling

  • Extensive use of visual aids and embodied activities to explore prenatal physiology

  • Visualization and verbal skill development

  • An introduction to the DANCES™ approach to perinatal bodywork

  • Practice of massage with live pregnant models and with fellow workshop participants (giving and receiving)

  • A practical exam evaluating body mechanics, boundaries, positioning, flow, safety, connection, effective technique, and creativity

  • Balancing intuition with technical knowledge

  • Weaving webs of community support and peer connection

To receive certification, you must have either/both of the following:

  • At least 500 hours of massage/bodywork training

  • Be licensed/certified in your state of residence





Spring 2019


To Be Determined

Facilitator Bio:

Jamie Mossay has been guiding and teaching massage therapists and other birth professionals to work with pregnant clients since 2006. A practicing massage professional of 17 years serving the San Diego community, she is also a mother, birth doula, storyteller, mother blessing facilitator, birth story listener, and childbirth educator. She brings creativity, compassion, and mindfulness to her work and teaching/mentoring, and is consistently inspired by the simple power of touch for support. Jamie is passionate about supporting the personal and professional growth of massage therapists and students - she hopes that participants will complete her workshop feeling inspired, motivated, and grounded in the basics of Pregnancy Massage. She places special emphasis on cultivating creativity, intuition, and the importance of modeling self-love, embodied connection, and willingness to step into the unknown with loving presence for our pregnant clients.

prenatal massage


Frequently Asked Questions:

What supplies should I bring to workshop?

Please bring a complete set (flat and fitted) of queen or double-sized linens, extra pillowcases, at least two hand-sized towels, unscented oil, an oil holster, and 2-3 firm pillows. You may also bring a yoga/exercise mat for floor work. If you are traveling from outside the San Diego area and bringing any of the heavier or bulkier items will pose a problem please let us know upon registering.

Do I need to find a pregnant woman to work with?

If you reside in the San Diego area, then we encourage you to find a pregnant client to work with for your practical exam. Her pregnancy should be progressing relatively normally (without major complications) and for the purposes of the practical exam, it is ideal for her to be in her late second or third trimester. If you are unable to find a pregnant client to work with, then let us know at least one week prior to the first day of the workshop.  Please contact Jamie ( to reserve your pregnant client's spot or to communicate your need for a client.

I've never massaged a pregnant client before, (or I already work with pregnant clients) is this workshop appropriate for me?

We are hopeful that this workshop will be helpful for both those therapists who have never worked with a pregnant client before and for therapists who regularly do so already. We offer a unique approach to bodywork and self-care that may refresh and enliven those already working with pregnant clients and inspire those new to the work.  While the basics of prenatal massage are the foundation of all of our workshops, each group's dynamic needs will be addressed.

I am a massage therapy student but I do not yet have 500 hours of training by the time of the workshop.  May I still participate?

You may register at the student rate, but you are not eligible for CE hours and your certification won't be valid until you earn state or local certification for your area.

Is this workshop comparable to a doula (professional birth companion) training?

While many participants feel inspired and prepared to support pregnant laboring clients following this workshop, there are many elements of doula work that are beyond the scope of this workshop (Note: there is no legal requirement for training to be a doula at this time).  That said, many therapists find they are uniquely qualified to support pregnant clients because of their specialized experience with prenatal touch!

What if I've never been pregnant or given birth? Is it realistic to think I can work well with this special population?

It's understandable that some therapists who have not been pregnant or given birth (or are male-bodied) may feel that they cannot empathize as deeply with pregnant clients compared to a therapist who has.  However, therapists with personal birth experience must often work hard to separate their own experiences in order to be fully present with their clients'. So it is both challenging and rewarding for different reasons for both therapist situations. There are numerous talented, competent, and nurturing prenatal massage therapists, doulas, midwives, doctors, and other birth professionals who have not given birth themselves.

What if I do not satisfactorily complete the Practical Prenatal Massage Exam?

Barring any special circumstances, we would advise that the workshop be taken again to more fully integrate and practice working with pregnant clients. It is our priority that therapists who complete our workshop have the confidence and capability to work safely and effectively with this population.

Do I have to receive the prenatal bodywork?

Receiving the bodywork techniques and role-playing a pregnant client is an important part of this workshop experience. While we all have our individual preferences and boundaries (as many of our clients do), we strongly encourage therapists to gently push the edge of their comfort zones and participate as fully as possible.

What if I have more questions?

You may email Jamie ( for questions about workshop content

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