A Mother Blessing (sometimes called a Blessingway or Motherhood Ceremony) is a special ceremony designed to acknowledge, honor, and celebrate a woman’s journey into motherhood.  Different from a baby shower, the Blessing’s main goal is to provide a loving place where an expectant mother can explore the challenges and joys that lie before her as she approaches childbirth and motherhood.  Surrounded by supportive women in her life, she will gain a sense of power and confidence that will help her before, during, and after the birth of her child.

As human beings, we learn what is expected of us culturally through rituals, large and small, throughout our lifetimes.  Knowing that her community recognizes that she will be transformed and then welcomed in her new mothering role allows her to surrender to her birth process even more.

Mother Blessing gatherings are as varied as the individuals for whom they’re created.  Some activities might include storytelling, releasing fears, candlelighting, singing, drumming, and pampering the mother-to-be (hairbrushing, henna art, massage, foot baths), just to name a few!  Usually it is the adult women in her life who participate, but men and children can be included also.  The location can vary as well: I’ve facilitated Blessings under the stars in a backyard, in a cozy living room, following a traditional baby shower, and even on the beach!

Pricing: $225 includes a 30 minute planning session via zoom, some of the ceremonial items, and facilitation of a 90 minute ceremony. A single 30 minute zoom call is $60. Longer Mother Blessings can also be arranged if you'd prefer something more in depth. If you are interested in discussing your vision further, please contact Jamie

"From the moment I connected with Jamie over the phone, I felt comfortable. We met before my ceremony and she asked me what was important to me and went over her process. I felt really seen and heard by her. Even though I had just met her, I felt at ease with her. We came up with a plan for the ceremony, and she asked my permission to maybe add a surprise into the ceremony. I loved the idea of a surprise since I'm always trying to control everything. Lol. I welcomed her creativity and wisdom for the ceremony. The actual ceremony itself was lovely. My friends had never attended a blessing way and each and everyone of them told me afterwards how special and touching it was to be a part of. Jamie really held the energy and created a beautiful space for all of us ladies to deeply connect. I loved the story she told and the ways she wove everything together. I felt honored, held, and loved that day and I think that is what every mom to be needs. I would highly recommend Jamie and her services. It was a magical day. Thank you!" - Dawn