Saturday, October 5th, 2019 9am - 5:30pm (8 hr workshop - half hour lunch)

San Diego Family Wellness Center: 8080 La Mesa Blvd. Suite 113, La Mesa, CA 91942

Investment: $175

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Touch is a sacred yet simple way to communicate with our laboring clients and their families. In this workshop we offer experiential activities that aim to cultivate your quality of touch and gain the skills to help clients expand their capacity to cope with the intensity of labor and birth. We will explore embodied consent, effective body mechanics, communication, basic pelvic anatomy, bone holding, contraindications, and some basic massage techniques. The workshop will be about 80% hands-on experience with each other learning and practicing techniques and on real pregnant models in late pregnancy.  Oils, tables, linens, some bolsters, and detailed handouts will be provided.  Please bring a pillow or two for added support and cushioning.

After completing the workshop participants will be able to

-offer touch techniques to laboring clients with embodied consent, in a safe and effective way, with or without medical support
-have the knowledge to continuously use their hands and body for extended periods of time without injury.
-have more confidence in their quality of touch, creatively offering hands-on support to laboring people and their companions.
-describe some basic contraindications for massage and touch over the perinatal period (late pregnancy to postpartum).
-demonstrate specific techniques to address some common concerns during labor.
-work with acupressure or “pressure points” during the perinatal period.

What some past participants have had to say about the workshop:
“My favorite part was the hands-on experience, especially massaging the pregnant parents”
“I was surprised by how very minor adjustments can make huge differences in mechanics and comfort when giving massages.”
“Surprised by how much we know intuitively about touch.”
“Amazed by how much more confident I feel after just five hours of the workshop”

Facilitated by: Jamie Mossay

Supported by: Ashley Saverino and Tianna Barr

This team of certified prenatal massage therapists, educators, doulas, perinatal wellness and holistic health practitioners is dedicated to supporting folks and families through the birthing and parenthood transformation and providing continuing education and resources to our community!

Presented by: SD Family Wellness Center, Bearfoot Birth, and Creating Kin Collective

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