In our dynamic and engaging classes you will:

 birthing From within class participants connecting

birthing From within class participants connecting

  • connect with your body, your baby, your partner, and community

  • learn practices for coping with the intensity of labor and beyond

  • prepare to experience birth as a rite of passage, regardless of the events of your birth

  • learn to meet the unknown with confidence and loving presence

  • gain practical knowledge about giving birth in our culture, as well as tapping into ancestral and inner knowing

  • experience creative solution-focused dialog, birth art processes, role plays, Great Stories, community, and authentic self-inquiry.

 parents tracing a labyrinth

parents tracing a labyrinth

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Tuesdays from 6:30pm - 9pm (five sessions):

Last Session of 2018

Nov 6th - Dec 4th, 2018

Class Series Schedule for 2019

Jan 22 - Feb 19

Mar 5 - Apr 2

Apr 30 - May 28

June 11 - July 9

Aug 27 - Sept 24

Oct 8 - Nov 5

Cost: $345 per couple.  Maximum of 6 couples per class series. Classes located at Wild Harmony Wellness in Mission Valley area of San Diego


 Birth art exploration

Birth art exploration

What parents have had to say about our classes:

“I felt it was very informative, provocative and self cultivating. I was able to not only identify some of my fears attached to labor but meet them face on.” -Daniela

“I loved being able to have a safe place to delve deeper into the mystical side of birth. I loved how Jamie and Charisse conducted the class, there was a lot of room to ponder, listen, and ask questions. I thought the class was wonderful. It also really helped facilitate discussions and bring up areas of further exploration for me and my husband” – anonymous mother

“We enjoyed the small, intimate setting, and open discussion of each others' feelings.  This was a different approach to childbirth preparation, and very warm.” – Shuyen

“We now have an increased confidence in our ability to handle the intensity of labor.  This course helped us talk, plan, and discover the deeper meaning of birth.” – a father

“My partner and I have a better understanding of what each other expects and what might be actually helpful during the process of labor.” – Denise

“My partner learned a TON about how to communicate with and support me.  He really enjoyed the classes and it brought us closer together.  We got to see and talk about our own expectations of labor and birth in a warm and supportive environment.” -Brenna

“Jamie and Charisse have a gentle, loving nature.” -Ian

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