Pam England describes Birth Story Medicine/Listening®as "an uplifting guided personal growth process intended to bring about insight, resolution, and healing after a difficult or disappointing birth. This process was developed over thirty years of birth story listening through the vision, observations, and experiments of Pam England, and her eclectic adaptations and integration of others’ work. Birth Story Medicine is designed to help parents and birth professionals find new meaning in their birth stories."

Birth Story Medicine is not psychotherapy nor a substitute for psychotherapy. Birth story listeners and their storytellers must recognize those stories that are beyond the scope of this brief personal growth process and, when necessary, get more in depth attention from a professional therapist.


Please contact Jamie or Charisse (who are both Advanced Birth Story Listeners) directly to discuss setting up a session.  We currently offer this service in person or via skype or other video chat platform for $110 (which usually last about one hour to 90 minutes) to mothers, fathers, birth workers, and anyone else present at a birth who feels they want a new more holistic understanding of what they experienced. (Doulas, birth photographers, nurses, doctors, interns, grandparents, sisters, friends, midwives, etc. are welcome to inquire.)